Randall Standridge and Jason Nitsch have teamed up to create a shocking new production for marching band! Shockwave simulates the countdown to a cataclysmic event, which could be visually interpreted in a number of ways. Section features, sound FX, and bombastic percussion all combine to create a truly explosive experience for your audience! This show is written in our “Developing Band” format, which features optional careful attention to range demand, melody lines transposed for all instruments, optional low brass bass doubles, limited sideline percussion, and cueing on all electronic elements.

This is a Grand Mesa Marching Band Product.  All GMMB products include the following features:

•Regional Protection (some limits apply)

•Licensing and Copyright Permissions,

•Solos Transcribed for All Instruments,

•Parts for 3, 4, and 5 BD, MP3s

Full show is $1,000.00
Each individual movement is $350.00

 To purchase, please email us at

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