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The Unbroken Project

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The UnBroken Project

The unBroken Project

A special performance opportunity to help raise awareness of mental health issues

Let’s change the conversation forever.

unBroken (performed by the Piedmont Wind Symphony and their conductor, Dr. Mark Norman) 

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NEW Consortium for 2024!  

STAY (Grade 2) and SCREAM (Grade 1.5)

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•STAY:  Grade 2 (working description)

-This will be a grade 2 lyrical work that will serve as a message of hope for those who struggle with mental health issues. The work will include both major and minor sections, creating a shifting palette of light and shadow.  Material will be pulled from the climax of unBroken, as well as new material.  The piece will combine elements of symphonic tradition and pop sensibilities.

•SCREAM:  Grade 1.5 (working description)

-This will be a grade 1.5 aggressive work for young band that serves as a tool to channel negative emotion and energy into cathartic action.  The work will be primarily in minor mode and very rhythmic but will also incorporate brief elements of the 12-tone row used in "(not) Alone" as well as unBroken.  The work will also use aleatoric effects, vocal effects, body percussion, extreme dissonance, bombastic percussion, and an instrument called an "Aztec Death Whistle."  Can all this be done at a 1.5?  Yes, it can.  Trust me.

The works will be written for the following instrumentation:

•WW Consort:  Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet 1-2, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone •Saxophone.

•Brass Consort:  Trumpet 1-2, Horn, Trombone 1-2 (*scream will use 1 trombone part), Euphonium, Tuba

•Percussion Consort:  7 Percussion parts, +1 Piano part (optional, cued in mallets).

•Any non-traditional instruments/effects will be optional or cued in other instruments


•Digital copies of the music will be delivered to paid consortium members beginning March 11, 2024.  Copies will be sent to other groups as payment or purchase orders are received.

•The premiere rights to the work through June 1, 2024.  The work will be made available to the general public June 1, 2024.

With your support and purchase, you will receive the following:

-A Digital Copy (score and parts in PDF format) of the works you choose to sponsor ("Stay" and/or "Scream")

-Your name(s) and school will appear in the official program notes as sponsors and members of the consortium for the Digital Versions AND the print versions when they are produced.

-A video introduction for the works recorded by Randall Standridge (this will be for the piece in general and will not be specific to each school)

-Access to a video journal/vblog detailing the creation of the works and their inspirations.


-You may sponsor either piece for $100, or you may sponsor both for $175.  

Sign up HERE (Google Form)

Pieces in the “unBroken Project”:

• • • • •
unBroken (Grade 5)

Choose Joy (Grade 3)

(not) Alone (Grade 2.5-3)

Blue Sky Horizon (Grade 2)

Fragile (Grade 1.5-2)

Me (reAffirmation) (Grade 1.5-2)

• • • • •

We are offering unBroken as a free rental to:

•Collegiate Ensembles
•Military Ensembles
•Community/Professional Ensembles
You will receive PDFs of the work licensed to your organization.  We will require:
•Name/Location of the organization
•Name of the conductor
•List of Locations and Dates of intended performances

Request a free rental of unBroken (click here)

"I live with depression. I am not afraid to say this. However, too many suffer in silence, shame, and fear. We must tear down these walls and normalize discussions about mental health issues. We owe it to each other." - Randall Standridge, composer "unBroken"

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