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The UnBroken Project

The unBroken Project

A special performance opportunity to help raise awareness of mental health issues

Let’s change the conversation forever.

unBroken (performed by the Piedmont Wind Symphony and their conductor, Dr. Mark Norman) 

2021 03 16 21.43.08

Pieces in the “unBroken Project”:

• • • • •
unBroken (Grade 5)
Choose Joy (Grade 3)
(not) Alone (Grade 2.5-3)
Blue Sky Horizon (Grade 2)
Fragile (Grade 1.5-2)
• • • • •

We are offering unBroken as a free rental to:

•Collegiate Ensembles
•Military Ensembles
•Community/Professional Ensembles
You will receive PDFs of the work licensed to your organization.  We will require:
•Name/Location of the organization
•Name of the conductor
•List of Locations and Dates of intended performances

Request a free rental of unBroken (click here)


•University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah - Libby Concert Hall, September 28, 2022

•Four States Sympohnic Winds, Joplin, Missouri - October 30, 2022

•University of Wisconsin - Platteville, Platteville, Wisconsin- November 30, 2022

•Piedmont Wind Symphony, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (NCMEA Conference) - November 6, 2022

•FIUsion Ensemble - Miami, FL - November 10, 2022

"I live with depression. I am not afraid to say this. However, too many suffer in silence, shame, and fear. We must tear down these walls and normalize discussions about mental health issues. We owe it to each other." - Randall Standridge, composer "unBroken"

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Robert Sheldon: Co-Editor, Composer, and Conductor.

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