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The Black Cat

Grade 1.5, for Concert Band

The Black Cat


Sample Score (CLICK HERE!)

About The Black Cat 

Looking for the purrrrrrrrfect piece for your next concert?  Well, you an “unlucky” enough to have stumbled upon this gem which your performers are sure to love!  This work depicts a black cat slinking through a moonlit night, bringing bad omens to whoever happens to cross its path.  The “13 note” main theme is introduced in the low brass, but all instruments are challenged in this work that includes exciting dynamics, mixed meter, active percussion, and optional sound FX.  An excellent selection for your next Halloween concert or any time of the year!


For a limited time, I will be offering this work as a “Lightening Consortium” from August 29 to Sept. 6. For the price of a regular piece, you will receive the following:
-Digital Copies of both the Standard AND Flex versions of this work.
-The rights to be listed as a “premiere ensemble” for the work during Fall 2021 (the piece will go on sale to the general public in Spring 2022).
-Your Name and Your ensemble/school’s name listed in the Program Notes for the work (Standard and Flex).
-A video introduction for the work (general to the piece, not for each specific school)
-A few “behind the scenes” videos about Mr. Standridge’s compositional process and life (including his cats!)
-Click Tracks and Backing Tracks at 2 tempi (slow and performance tempo) for the work.
For a small upcharge, listed on the application, you can also receive the printed copy of the work (once it goes to print, Spring 2022).* Restrictions on shipping apply outside the continental U.S.
The Digital Standard version will be delivered by Sept. 3, 2021 to a working email address. The Digital Flex Version will be delivered by September 10, and will be a 4 voice, full flex work.
To join the Consortium, please follow this link:
THE BLACK CAT EXTRA MATERIALS (right click to download)
This work is not for sale to the general public as of this time.  It will be available Spring 2022