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RSMP's mission is to publish creative music of high quality by a broad range of compositional voices and backgrounds at all grade levels.

Meet our Composers!

Randall Standridge

Salvador Jacobo

Jason Nitsch

Jorge Vargas

JaRod Hall

Erin Keeton-Howard

Jennifer E. Rose

Chandler Wilson

Avner Dorman

Mitchell J. Roth

Jeff Hart

David Bobrowitz

Bob Lipton

Katie O'Hara LaBrie

Caryn Wiegand Neidhold

Christina Huss

Robert Sheldon

Nubia Jaime-Donjuan

Gavin Lendt

Matt Neufeld

Matthew Manning

Robert Langenfeld

Joshua Idio

Tyler Mazone

Brandon Robinson

Mo Longo

Am're Ford

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"I believe when you invite more people to the table, you get a broader range of backgrounds, life experience , and, thus, art. I think that is very exciting"

- Randall Standridge, owner, RSM Publications

Our Team

We are a small publishing company with big dreams! Thank you for visiting our website!

Randall Standridge: Composer, Writer, Artist, Fitness Guru, and Video Game enthusiast!

Steven Cazort: Typesetter, Editor, Sales Rep, and Gardening and Grilling extraordinaire!

Tony and Molly: Companions, Stress Relievers, Nap Takers, and Quality Assurance for all compositions.

Cade Williams:  Office, Order fulfillment, and Singer Extraordinaire!

Katie O'Hara LaBrie: Orchestra Editor, Composer, and Amazing Clinician!

Robert Sheldon: Co-Editor, Composer, and Conductor.

Our Distributers

Our music is available from these music distributors. If you are interested in distributing our music, please contact us!