Latest Additions

Snake Charmer

Arabian scales and exotic percussion enhance the mysterious nature of this piece as it gradually accelerandos to its fiery conclusion.  *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2009.  Performed at the 2010 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  Included in Teaching Music Through Performance in Band vol.8 (GIA Publications).  (Grand Mesa Music) Email Randall for sample requests. Click here…



Pandora was written at the request of my friend and mentor Brandon Robinson.  He said he wanted a young band piece that used 20th Century techniques.  The aleatoric sections, harsh dissonances, and programmatic nature fulfill this requirement while still being accessible for young players.  *J.W. Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2007 Email Randall for sample requests. Click here…


Lullabye (Waltz for Band)

Lullabye is a piece that is supposed to evoke the soft, soothing quality of childhood lullabyes.  As a percussionist, it has always irritated me that percussion seem to get cheated on lyrical pieces.  This piece, hopefully, offers percussionists the opportunity to show a more expressive side and participate more fully in this type of music.…