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Gently Blows the Summer Wind

Gently Blows the Summer Wind was written for the 2007 Salem High School Band and their conductor, Mr. Michael Cole. It was commissioned in remembrance of one of his students, Dennis Smith, who passed away. In writing this piece, the memory of a student I had taught began to intrude. Her name was Jamie Peeler, who…


Danse Bohémien

Danse Bohemien is a quick-step/bohemien dance sure to be a favorite with your audience and band.  I was inspired to write this piece due to two factors.  The first is that I love quick-steps and always have.  The Dance of the Jesters (Tchaikovsky), The City of Lights (Watkins), and Pas Redouble (Saint-Sannes) are among my favorite.  The second factor were two…


Companion of My Voice

A work written in Memory of Michigan student Jasmine Gosselin, this work uses synthesized harp and lush colors to create a harmonic meditation on grief, remembrance, and hope.  Commissioned by the Waterford Kettering High School Band and their conductor, Mr. Scott Adkins.  Performed at the 2015 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (Grand Mesa Music) Email Randall for…