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Slither into the shadowed realm of ancient legends with Medusa, a riveting four-part production by Randall Standridge. Part 1, "The Curse," sets the tone, chronicling Medusa's haunting metamorphosis from beauty to beast. In Part 2, "Perseus," we encounter the fearless hero, destined to confront the dreaded Gorgon. "The Lair of the Gorgon," the third part, evokes an atmosphere thick with suspense and foreboding, leading us to the climactic Part 4, "The Battle," where hero and monster meet in a fateful showdown. Solo opportunities and section features add to the effect and are sure to please audiences and judges alike!

This is a Grand Mesa Marching Band Product.  All GMMB products include the following features:

•Regional Protection (some limits apply)

•Licensing and Copyright Permissions,

•Solos Transcribed for All Instruments,

•Parts for 3, 4, and 5 BD, MP3s

Full show is $1,000.00 Each individual movement is $350.00

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