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Eureka!  You've found it!  Take to the field with this exciting new production by Randall Standridge, based on his work Imaginarium.  This exploration of creativity bursts to life with an energetic opening before drawing audiences into the dreamy tranquility of "The Cloud Factory."  Yet, as dreams often turn, an aggressive shift introduces "Here There Be Monsters," exploring the darker corners of the imaginative realm. Captivating, serene, and exhilarating, "Imaginarium" navigates the wondrous highs and thrilling depths of human creativity.

This is a Grand Mesa Marching Band Product.  All GMMB products include the following features:

•Regional Protection (some limits apply)

•Licensing and Copyright Permissions,

•Solos Transcribed for All Instruments,

•Parts for 3, 4, and 5 BD, MP3s

Full show is $1,000.00 Each individual movement is $350.00

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