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River of Grass

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River of Grass - Robert Sheldon

Energy and beauty unite in this dazzling new work by Robert Sheldon!  Inspired by the Everglades, often thought of as a slow-moving river of grass just to the west of Ft. Lauderdale, the piece begins with a fast-paced tempo inspired by a ride in an air-boat, gliding over the sawgrass through the marshes and pine flatwoods. As evening descends, the music depicts night-time in the glades, with moonlight shimmering on the water, but with a sense of solitude and uneasiness knowing you are surrounded by the many creatures that call this place home. The piece ends with a sea-plane ride taking us from Lake Okeechobee to the coastal waters, soaring over the sparkling skyline and glittering beaches.  A great selection for your next festival or concert performance!

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