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Nestled on the western edge of Georgia is Providence Canyon.  Also known as the “Little Grand Canyon”, this beautiful state park, with its steep cliffs and red clay coloring” is both peaceful and majestic.  This work attempts to capture both of those moods, along with the notion that sometimes in our lives, good fortune (“providence”) brings us to the exact places and times that we need to be.

When I look back on the chain of events that have led me to the person I am and the work that I do, I often marvel at the razor’s edge of fate where one small change or one different decision could have led to a completely different life.  A few examples:

I almost quit band in 8th grade.  I stayed in and decided to major in music education.  

I was originally planning to attend the University of Central Arkansas (Go bears!), but at the last minute, decided to attend Arkansas State University instead (go Red Wolves!).  During my time there in the marching band, I met my future husband.

When at a music convention one year, I saw Grand Mesa Music’s booth.  I almost passed it up, but decided to stop and talk to the owner about my compositions.  

Every decision we make echoes down the pathways of our lives.

Providence was commissioned by the Georgia Music Educators Association District 10 Band Directors, with Richard D. Brasco serving as my main contact for the project.

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