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On Guard!

On Guard! - Katie O'Hara LaBrie

Swords at the ready! It’s time to duel in this driving work where strong accents ring out the sounds of slashing swords and precise pizzicato parallels the footwork of a fierce fencer. “On Guard!”

Educational Features:

I wrote this to be an accessible piece with limited range, but a lot of excitement and focus on articulation. The main goal is for students to match bow length, weight and speed for the various articulations that appear: detaché, marcato, accents and staccato. The tenuto notes should be played with long bow strokes – I imagine these notes as the swords slashing through the air. 

The melodies that contain half notes should be played with a very broad, full bow stroke. The staccato should be played with a light horizontal stroke rather than a super vertical one so it doesn’t become too crisp. 

In the pizzicato section encourage the students to breathe in rests to help with subdivision. I always like to imagine the fencers taking calculated almost dance-like steps in this section. 

Sorry in advance if your students start pretending their bows are swords…. Tell them I said to keep their “swords” on the string!

– Katie O’Hara LaBrie

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