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Elemental - Randall Standridge

About Ele(mental)

I think the average person likes to think of themselves as happy.  However, thinking of oneself only in this regard completely ignores the many aspects that make each of us the unique, individual, beautiful creations that we are.

Sometimes we are joyful.

Sometimes we are fearful.

Sometimes we are peaceful.

Sometimes we are angry.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say we should prize all of these emotions, I do believe it is essential for us to acknowledge them, recognize them, and learn to process them in a healthy manner.  I live with depression and anxiety, and learning to recognize my own emotional chemistry has greatly assisted me in leading a happier and more productive life.  

In this work, I have associated 4 distinct emotional states with the four classic elements (Air, Earth, Water, and Fire).  In addition to illustrating the emotions and elements, these works introduce themes and motives that become prevalent in and tie directly to the other pieces in “The unBroken Project.”

So, I hope you will take this opportunity to take a deep look inward.  Don't be afraid of your emotions, whether you are joyful, fearful, peaceful, or angry.

Emotions do not make you weak.

They make you human.

And, more importantly…

They make you “YOU.”

Peace, Love, and Music - Randall Standridge

About the movements:

Air (Joy):  This movement starts with the sound of wind rushing through the instruments before giving way to an energetic fanfare.  Fragments of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy are used to create a sense of happiness and positivity.  Related works:  Choose Joy

Earth (Fear/Anxiety): There is the potential for fear within all of us.  Anxiety can bubble just beneath the circus, like an earthquake or a lava flow.  As the pressure rises, it can release as a destructive force.  This work uses the “anxiety” motive from the unBroken project to create strident melodies combined with trills and bombastic percussion.  An aleatoric section near the end signifies an eruption of all of these emotions.  Related works:  Fragile, (not) Alone, Scream, unBroken

Water (Peace/Stillness):  In our current society with non-stop social media and activity, it is important to find moments of stillness.  Breathe.  Just breathe.  Close your eyes.  Imagine the surface of a lake, as still and as smooth as glass.  Imagine the gentle thunder of rain in the distance.  This movement depicts a body of water and a gentle rain and seeks to impart a sense of peace and tranquility to the player and listener.  Related works:  Stillness (forthcoming)

Fire (Anger/Aggression):  We all experience moments of aggression in our lives; it is important to learn to channel that energy into other channels.  This movement starts with the sound of dissonant notes spreading like fire before turning into a punk rock-infused groove.  The ensemble is encouraged to scream and thrash, putting all of their negative thoughts into positive action.  Related works:  Scream, (not) Alone

Educational goals of the work:

-8th Note counting and independence.

-Aleatoric Sections

-Repeats, First and Second ending repeats, 2nd time only elements

-Articulations: Staccato, Tenuto, Accents, Trills


-This work uses the range of the first 6 notes that are typically taught to developing band students but adds in the Concert B Natural and Concert F#/Gb, which will provide discussion for enharmonics.   I have made it repetitive enough that teaching and retention would be easy and effective.

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