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Blizzard's Fury

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Blizzard's Fury - Randall Standridge

Looking for the perfect winter piece for your young musicians? Look no further than this thrilling work. Illustrating the raw power of winter storms, it uses minor harmonies, driving rhythms, and aggressive percussion within a limited range to make this an exciting yet accessible work for younger ensembles. Also serving as an introduction to trill techniques, this secular winter work will make a great addition to your next winter or festival concert!

•Secular Winter Piece

•Introduction to Trills

•6 Note Range (except T.Sax, which is a little more expanded)

•Handy Dandy Randy Standy Study Buddy Available:  Warm-Ups, Melody Sheets, and rhythms studies specific to this work!

Digital: $55.00

Physical: $55.00

Price:  55.00

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