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Inspired by the art of Japanese drumming, this work features three taiko drummers (optional toms or marching bass drums) to create an exciting soundscape of rhythm, harmony, and texture.  A great selection for your next concert or festival performance.

Written for 9+ players, and scored for Mallet 1 (metallic), Mallet 2 (wood), Timpani, Drummer 1, Drummer 2, Drummer 3, Percussion 1 (Bongos, Ride Cymbal), Percussion 2 (Tambourine, Tam-Tam, Cowbell), and Percussion 3 (Suspended Cymbal, China Crash Cymbal)

Digital: $45.00

Physical: $45.00

Digital Copy (PDF and Site License) – $45 .00

Printed Copy – $45.00

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