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Mechanical Monsters

Grade .5, Concert Band

Lake of Sorrows

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About Mechanical Monsters

Mechanical Monsters was born out of my love of two things:

1)  B-Monster Movies from the 50’s and 60’s.

2)  Teaching Beginning Band

When writing for young band, I always try to ask myself “what would I have LOVED to play at that age?”  In this work, the sounds of metal and gears are used to overlay a repeating, plodding groove that suggests something shambling  it’s way across a darkened countryside, drawing ever closer to the unsuspecting city dwellers, completely unaware of the havoc that is about to befall them.  My younger self would have relished this mental image, and I hope your young band students will too.

Peace, Love, and Music (and imminent destruction, haha!)


Educational goals of the work:

-8th Note counting and indepence

-Tone production and proper note length

-Articulations: Staccato, Tenuto, Accents

-This work uses the first 6 notes that are typically taught to developing band students, but adds in the concert Db.  I have tried to make it repetitive enough where teaching and retention would be easy and effective.

Additional Educational Resources:

Mechanical Monsters Supplementary Worksheet, Created by Amanda Hertel



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