Fields of Clover was the first piece I had published by Grand Mesa….so, in other words, it’s the piece that began my great relationship with Grand Mesa owner Walter Cummings.  For those of you that don’t know Walter, he is a great composer, friend, and an especially good editor.  I owe a lot fo the success of my pieces to his guidance and suggestions.

Fields of Clover is written in the style of Irish folk music, although it is not based on one.  The piece begins with a clarinet solo which evolves into a clarinet choir.  I actually wrote the tune when I was 14 and never forgot it.  I brought it to a composition lesson with Dr. O’Connor one day, and he said “Hey, this would make a great band piece!”  The rest is history.  It was premiered in 2000 by the Arkansas State University Symphonic Band and their conductor, Mr. Ed Alexander.  This was my first taste of hearing a band piece played by a real, breathing ensemble.  I have been addicted ever since.  *J.W. Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2006