Deus Ex Machina

Some people say I suffer from an overactive imagination.

That is not try.  I don’t suffer from it at all.  I enjoy every minute of it.

I remember being in English class in high school, and learning about classical plays.  Mrs. Eggburn (my fantastic 11th Grade English teacher) mentioned the “Deus Ex Machina,” or “God of the Machine.”  I’m not sure what she said after that because my mind was busy envisioning an ancient God brought into the modern age, with glowing neon eyes, speakers inside his mouth, and pulsing circuits growing out from his body into his temple built of circuit boards.  It’s an image that has stayed with me ever since every time I hear that particular term.

This work for concert band combines exotic scales, cinematic scoring, digital effects, and a dub-step feel to create a truly unique experience for the player and audience.  Is it pop? Is it symphonic? Does it matter? Music is music and it’s either effective or it’s not.

Deus Ex Machina was commissioned by the Georgia Music Educators District Six for their 9ths-10th grade honor band.  They were very kind by allowing me to write something that was far outside the norm, and I will always be grateful.

Peace, Love, and Music.

Published by Randall Standridge Music, LLC


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