I accept commissions for Concert Band, Marching Band, String Orchestra, Full Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Ensembles, and Film Projects, or pretty much anything.

Please use the form below to contact me, and consider the following steps.  I have completed over 100 Commissions in my career, and am very happy and excited to help you with your project.

KNOW WHAT TYPE OF COMMISSION YOU WANT.  Is it for a specific event/situation? Is there a particular style you want? Are there any instrumentation parameters that may be important? Are you open to any creative ideas that I have (these are usually the BEST commissions)? All of this information will be important when communicating with me initially.

HAVE A PLAN FOR FUNDING YOUR COMMISSION.  How will the commission be funded? School funds? Band Boosters? Donors/Patrons? Partnering with other organizations for a consortium? This can usually be the most stressful aspect of the process, so have a solid plan in place.

KNOW THE TIMELINE. For the project, time will be essential.  You need to think about when you want to receive the commission as well as the intended premiere date/due date to allow yourself enough time to prepare.

CONTACT ME.  Once you have an idea of the above three steps, contact me and we will discuss: A) Can I fit it into my schedule, B) do I fell I am a good fit for the project, and C) what my ideas for the commission may be.

RELAX AND LET ME WORK. Once we have negotiated and signed a contract, I will set aside time on my calendar to work on your project.  I have never been late on a commission in my life, so relax and let me create something amazing for you and your project.

"My interests in music are very diverse. I see no distinction between "academic" music and "pop" music. To me, they are all beautiful expressions of the human condition."


To contact us or to purchase music, please email at:  randallstandridgemusic@gmail.com or call at 870-558-5035

26 County Road 472
Jonesboro, AR 724040