The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost’s classic poem is brought to life in this emotionally effective show that is sure to please performers, audiences, and judges. Some material used in this show is copyrighted; permission to use it must be secured along with purchase of this show (“Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver) Email Randall for sample…

The Presents

Once upon a time, a young child received a most wonderful present…a set of dolls and toy soldiers that could move and talk on their own!  But, what begins as a child-like fairytale quickly turns into a story of unimgainable surprises…and TERROR!  Shock and entertain your audience with this surprising, narrative production that will keep…

The Snow Queen: A Winter’s Tale

Vivaldi’s Spring and Winter and Verdi’s Dies Irae, as well as original music by Standridge, serve as the springboards for this dramatic production that depicts a beautiful land taken over by an evil snow queen. The visual and narrative possibilities are endless in this general effects driven show. Email Randall for sample requests.

The Arena

Your pulse quickens. You can’t catch your breath. You have entered The Arena. This production by Randall Standridge provides many interpretive possibilities, from the ancient to the modern as your band sets the stage for an epic battle of good vs. evil. Thrilling! Email Randall for sample requests.

Witching Hour

This eerie offering by Randall Standridge combines new material and sound effects with his symphonic work The Witching Hour to create a darkly delightful production for Marching Band. The Gathering sets the creepy mood, while Spells and Incantations shows the sinister forces practicing their craft. The excitement builds to Witch’s Dance and Flight, with sound…


Words describe the world around us, connect us to one another, and tear us apart. Words are music! This thought provoking production combines high concept with entertainment value into a general effect monster! Guaranteed to wow your crowd AND make them think. Word! Email Randall for sample requests.

A Pirate’s Adventure

Sail the seven seas in this epic adventure for marching band!  The pirates are on a search for gold as they “Set Sail” before searching for the treasure and becoming lost in “Song of the Sea.”  The pirates battle monsters and raiders before finding the gold in “Journey’s End.”  Lots of opportunites for creative props,…

Mad New World

Dvorak’s New World Symphony is combined with other music to create a picture of a totalitarian regime and the struggle against it. Some material used in this show is copyrighted; permission to use it must be secured along with purchase of this show (“Creep” by Radiohead and “Mad World” by Tears for Fears) Email Randall…

Letters from a Prisoner of War

This patriotic production salutes the lost heroes of the American armed forces.  Optional narration may be included to tell the tale of one soldier’s journey from home to the battlefront. “Taps” is used throughout as a musical motive.