This unique and highly aggressive work was inspired by the heavy metal bands of the 1980s. Capturing the driving rhythms, dissonant harmonies, and savage sense of musical motion, this “heavy metal overture” relies on percussion and orchestrated power chords. Wow! Published by FJH Music Click here for score

Iron and Ice: A Viking Adventure

Strap into your seats and hang on for a wild musical ride as only Mr. Standridge could create!  This astonishingly exciting work spins a musical tale of a Viking Expedition into the frigid North Atlantic seas, first depicting the high spirits of the sailors as they set out to sea.  The slower middle portion of…

Argentum (2014)

This work was commissioned by my alma mater, Sheridan High School, in honor of Ron McHone’s 25 years of service.  The title, Argentum (latin for “Silver”) refers to the 25th anniversary.  A celebratory piece that fluctuates between a 7/8 feel, a 6/8 dance, and a 4/4 ballad.  It was an honor to write this piece for…

The Witching Hour

This macabre work for concert band musically illustrates the time of night when dark forces gather to celebrate and do their mischief. Four connected quarters of the piece are all announced by “Big Ben” chime statements, and include “The Gathering”, “Spells and Incantations”, “The Witches’ Dance”, and “The Witches’ Flight”. The composer’s talent for creating…


Jazz, Rock, and Symphonic sensibilities clash in this unique work for concert band, featuring 5/4 meters and creative use of orchestrations.  Commissioned by the 2013 Central Cass High School Band from Casselton, North Dakota.   * JW Pepper Editor’s Choice 2014   * Performed at the 2014 Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL. Email Randall for…

Kinetic Dances

7/8 and 4/4 meters are used to create an exciting symphonic dance for concert band. Commissioned by the 2014 C.H. Yoe High School Band for the 2014 Texas Music Educator’s Conference. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

Gemini Fanfare

This fanfare features regal brass and running woodwinds all active within a polytonic landscape. Commissioned by the 2013 Lake Hamilton High School Band, Pearcy, Arkansas. Email Randall for sample requests.