In the Court of the King

In the Court of the King is a short work for young band that is written in Dance style.  It uses motivic repetition and a gradually thickening orchestration to create the effect of a Medieval celebration growing in size and volume. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score


Battlesong is a short work for young concert band that uses aggressive motivic development and percussion writing to creating a feeling of relentless force.  I wrote Battlesong to try to create a fun piece for younger bands that would keep them entertained and interested in what they were doing.  In my opinion, most young band music is just…


Armory is a bombastic work for young band inspired by video game music. It alternates between minor and Phrygian modes to create a dark and sinister soundscape. The use of aggressive articulations and brake drum give the work an industrial and militaristic feel. Safe performances are NOT recommended. Suit up. Grab your weapon. Go to war!