Derived from the first movement of Standridge’s “Art(isms)” suite, this powerful concert work uses staccato textures and heroic melodies to create a unique concert statement.  Commissioned by the Arkansas State University Wind Ensemble for performance at the 2010 CBDNA conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico.   *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2014 *Bandworld Magazine 2014 Top 100

Argentum (2014)

This work was commissioned by my alma mater, Sheridan High School, in honor of Ron McHone’s 25 years of service.  The title, Argentum (latin for “Silver”) refers to the 25th anniversary.  A celebratory piece that fluctuates between a 7/8 feel, a 6/8 dance, and a 4/4 ballad.  It was an honor to write this piece for…

A Yuletide Festival

The holiday songs “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Good King Wenceslas,” “Deck the Halls,” and “In Excelsis Deo” are combined into an engaging Christmas overture.   *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2012 Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

With Every Winter’s Breath

Written in memory of a student who tragically passed away, this work celebrates life and the beautiful Colorado landscape she called home. *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2012.  Bandworld Magazine’s 2012 Top 100 Band Works.  Commissioned by the 2011 Bayfield High School Band from Bayfield, Colorado. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

The Witching Hour

This macabre work for concert band musically illustrates the time of night when dark forces gather to celebrate and do their mischief. Four connected quarters of the piece are all announced by “Big Ben” chime statements, and include “The Gathering”, “Spells and Incantations”, “The Witches’ Dance”, and “The Witches’ Flight”. The composer’s talent for creating…

Whiplash (2014)

Mixed-Meter and liberal use of the Whipcrack are used to create this engaging, high energy work. Commissioned by the 2014 Southwest Missouri Music Educator’s Association.  *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2014 Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score


This powerful concert opener uses Windsor Chimes as its primary motive and develops from there into a complex, minimalistic work for concert band.  *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2015.  (Wingert-Jones) Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

That Old Hound Dog Rag

That Old Hound Dog Rag was inspired by my two dogs, Toby and Angel.  They are very entertaining to watch, almost like a comedy team.  This tune came into my head one day as I was watching them.  Not many pets can say they’ve been immortalized in song, huh?  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece…


Pop inspired syncopation, active percussion, and memorable melodies are used to create a truly energetic concert work.  *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2011.  Performed at the 2012 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  Bandworld’s Magainze 2011 Top 100 Band Works.  (Grand Mesa Music) Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score